The Snow Lay…Not Dinted

“Where the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even…”
– Good King Wenceslas


That horrid cold is 99.5% vanquished, my Christmas shopping is 99.5% done, and I chopped off…ha!  Only about half of my hair.  I was feeling a change somewhat in advance of the new year so off it went, from mid-back to above my shoulders.

And so, I’m back at work and twiddling my thumbs because campus is vacant and covered in a soft, undisturbed cover of white (which is growing thicker by the hour).  There is very little do at work…and so much to do at home!  I could finish wrapping presents, be baking something, be working out to counteract all said baking.  I could be wrapped up in a blanket sipping tea and watching Christmas movies.  Yikes…on that note, I could do some of the laundry I’ve been avoiding all week…

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