St. Nicholas Day

– Fiddler on the Roof

I have utterly failed!  I completely spaced buy goodies to put in J. and my shoes this morning…

What sort of pathetic excuse for an international am I?!

Anyone else out there celebrate St. Nicholas Day?  Or have any fun traditions for Advent?  Growing up we always put up the family tree on the first Monday in December and left it up until Epiphany.  J.’s family always goes to the zoo on Christmas Eve, this will be my first year tagging along.  Your turn, my little French hens, share!

Try not to imagine this guy dropping down your chimney, eh?

7 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day”

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  2. We go and chop (okay the workers chop while we watch) down our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

    We also pick a new Christmas CD to buy every year.

    The rest, we’re still making up as we start our family. 🙂

  3. used to celebrate St Nicholas Day! Was so confused on days this year that I spent most of today thinking it was Pearl Harbor day.

    we get our tree the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving and leave it up until Epiphany, as well. We always have a special dinner on the first Sunday of Advent and do Advent calendars, which consist of laughing at my dad’s intense struggles to make it through a fast-day each week.

    while I am rambling religiously…in the Episcopal church, we’re very particular about season-appropriate music, meaning we can’t sing any Christmas music until Christmas Eve service and the one or two Sundays in Christmastide. Which is fine with me, because Advent hymns are WONDERFUL.

    *this installment of rambling brought to you by Scarlett, the world’s most religious agnostic*

      1. Yes, it does. I’m like the antithesis of those people who claim to be spiritual-but-not-religious as justification for not attending church. I’m religious-but-not-spiritual, believe none of it, love the liturgy, love the history, love the music. Episcopalianism is perfect for aesthetes.

        you need to take me up on that writing dare from our Friday e-mail, by the way.

  4. This is the first year I couldn’t celebrate Sinterklaas 😦 – didn’t think about that when I moved abroad ;). But a colleague of mine went to Holland last weekend and we’ll have a Sinterklaas breakfast on Thursday, so I’ll be able to enjoy it somewhat anyway ;).
    We always used to put up the tree on my mums birthday, December 15, and celebrate Christmas Eve with my mum’s family, and New Year’s Eve with my dad’s… enter boy/girlfriends and us kids moving out, and none of these traditions stand anymore :). But we’ll find new ones, I’m sure.

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