Tis the Season!

“Hello, I’m very busy and important.”
– Love Actually

Happy Monday, my little partridges.  We flew from the East Coast back over the Mississippi and landed smack in 15 inches of snow.  Christmas is officially upon us (I refuse to accept that trees and decorations have been up since before the long Labor Day weekend, but now they are acceptable) and I won’t get another break until Christmas Eve.

And, darlings, I have things to do!

Small Dog is in the spirit

J. and I spent all of our fun money to go and visit my family over the break, and now it’s time to buckle down and shop for a couple dozen people.  Woof.  We ate all of our food before we headed out and now I have to start a regimen of snacks, food, and treats to last an entire month.  However, being starving newlyweds (yes, I am still using that title) I have an excellent reason to avoid the expense and time of decorating.  I have St. Nicholas Day, Elle’s birthday, and Fairy’s birthday, three Christmas parties (so far), rent and utilities due, all within the first 14 days of December.

Back at work, I have masses of laundry to run to cleaners, files to ship out to media and lawyers, and the winter season of car accident reports to prepare for.  Football is over, basketball is in full swing.  Oh, and about a million people need background checks run on them.

Additionally, we have the added stress of twiddling our thumbs.  J. has started submitted applications to grad schools, so now we get to “hurry up and wait” to hear from them.  I hate that game.

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