In Which C. Debates the Wisdom of Copying Sav’s Awesomness

“You can watch this while I find someone who will perform a marriage ceremony between a crazed fan and a celebrity teen hostage. To the Internet!”
– The Fairly Odd Parents

Savvy just did something which, considered in light of current societal attitudes and the fact that a movie title The Social Network was just released, is quite brave.  She deleted her Facebook.  Apparently it took hours of dogged, single-minded determination and clicking, but she did it.


"Honestly, C., had you no life at all?!" "I'm SORRY!"


I confess, I’ve toyed with the idea myself.  Truthfully, the hours I’ve spent on that ridiculous thing will shame me when we’re all dead and get to watch the Big Movie of our lives.

However, I have a qualm.  Surprisingly I do use Facebook for its original intent: to keep track of people.  Having trucked over the world, keeping in touch with people can be a chore.  It’s the same reason why I’ve never changed my Hotmail address: I got it when I was 12 or 13 and across the years have given it out to friends/contacts/employers in multiple countries.  It’s the only way I keep in touch with a whole army of correspondents, I couldn’t do something so stupid as to change it simply because Gmail is en vogue (yes, yes, and better, yes I heard you).

Frankly, though, as the years have gone by, I’ve winnowed down my own social network quite a bit.  Scarlett, Peregrine, Jane, and Venice are far off, but I still communicate with them regularly.  Margot, Marie, Tink, and Angel, though busy, are still nearby.  The majority of people I see everyday… I see everyday: Hennessy, Wise, Susie, Sav, and Vodka, as well as the traffic clerks.  I regularly bump into Sadie on campus and we often get together with my whole godfamily to play, usually at least once a month.  And now that my parents live on the same continent as I do, keeping in touch with them has never been easier.

So…what do I really use Facebook for?

Honestly, the occasional glimpse into long gone friends’ lives (once every six months), to keep in touch with Gio as he heads off into his first year of adventure at university (daily), and to play stupid games (also daily, shamefully). In other words, with very few exceptions, nothing really valuable.

I don’t know if I have the moral fortitude to completely go cold turkey as the indomitable Sav did…but I am thinking that I really need to start weaning myself off it.


And how many of these behaviors/tendencies have you displayed recently?


Make your voices heard, minions!  Have you ever rethought your relationship with your techie relationships?  How many people would simply vanish from your life if you ditched Facebook, Twitter, and whatever bastard cousin of theirs has popped up recently?  And would you miss these people if they melted away?  How much of your life would disappear, and how much of it would you get back if you tuned out?  Weigh in.

8 thoughts on “In Which C. Debates the Wisdom of Copying Sav’s Awesomness”

  1. It would have to take some sort of drastic event, like a creepy stalker hunting me down, for me to get rid of my facebook. Many of the “friends” on there might not be vitally important to me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy keeping up with their lives and sharing pictures and stories with those who I am close.
    Like you, I could probably benefit from a little less facebook, but I won’t be getting rid of it anytime soon.

  2. I am so honored! Surprisingly it’s been easier than I expected. I just keep following my Reader and *actually* do homework. It’s unheard of! Also, thank you for “indomitable” this fine morning. New favorite qualifier, fo sho.

  3. Aside from the occasional creepy Turkish stalker guy (I don’t know why I’m so blessed), apparently looking for luuuve, I use Facebook for shameless self promotion of my writing and blogs. And the keeping up with my sister who only communicates with the dratted software. Otherwise, meh, I can leave it.

    Of course, I’ve also always lived by the rule “Never Ever put something on the web that Great Aunt Yetta would send the Evil Eye after me for.”

  4. I can’t. I wish I could. I CAN’T. I admit I DO need to cut back, but I don’t think Facebook is a bad thing if you use it sparingly and to keep in touch with people. I do go through my friends about every 6 months and delete anyone I have not had a real conversation with in the last year.

  5. I deleted pretty much everything on my wall and have one album of pictures. It’s a tricky thing. I don’t know if I could completely go without because a) it entertains me at work, b) people still use facebook to get the word out about social events, and c) it’s useful for keeping tabs on people that I don’t talk to all the time but still want to keep around. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with it though. I figure some day I’ll work up the courage to delete it. As my friend Michael often admonishes me in regards to facebook:


  6. I have considered deleting it… but the only reason is the long distance peeps too! I don’t spend a lot of time on it and have blocked every single possible app/game that comes at me (until a new one comes along) – I find with my iPhone it’s much easier to pop in and have a look-see and be out.

    That said- I don’t know why I do because very rarely is there anything of value or real interest posted. I don’t care what someone is eating or if they have a DDS appt. Or if they checked in at Chipotle Grill!! Is that so wrong?

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