The Freshman’s Lot

“Of course there’s a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshman bring a little in, the seniors don’t take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates.”
– Abbott Lawrence Lowell

It's alright, dears. This feeling of being overwhelmed is entirely normal. And here's a tip, it doesn't really ever go away.

I swear, every year the Freshmen get younger!  It’s orientation time/first week of school so herds of these infants are roaming across campus with dazed and confused looks on their faces, prodded along by overbearing parents.

These parents are walking their “children” (who are usually 18 and above) to classes, arguing that their little darlings should be able to park in the Provost’s parking space because it’s closer and widdle babykins can’t possibly be expected to walk all the way from the dorms to class, and if they are out of state, calling us in a state of panic because they their kids didn’t answer the phone when they called, and can we send out a search party now?!

We at the University Police department, hate such parents.  We hate even more explaining to them, that if their child has been robbed, accosted, or got a splinter, we actually have to work with the child (who again, is over 18) and not the parents themselves, as said child is a legal adult.  Ooh, they hate that.

All I’m saying is, my parents dropped me in middle America somewhere and bunked off to Belgium.  I got myself to school, into a dorm, registered for classes, text books and supplies , and off to classes in two days, requiring only a ride from Fairy from the airport to campus.

3 thoughts on “The Freshman’s Lot”

  1. Taking care of yourSELF?! One cannot expect a little eighteen year old to do such a thing.

    You know those same parents bought their kids expensive cars, will continue to subsidize the child after they are married, and probably make the down payment on their first house.

  2. I got dropped off 3 buildings away from my dorm by the airport bus with a pile of luggage WAY above the legal limit (oh the bygone era…). If it weren’t for the marching band and the flag unit, I would have left it there to be picked over, I was a young 17. No parents or friends.

    The over-parenting of today, sheeez! I say make them walk from the airport with what they can carry. Oooo, wouldn’t that make a great reality show! Survivor – [University]

    Of course UHP might hate the bodies littering the side of 15.

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