Well, I Promised!

“Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence in society.”
– Mark Twain

Darlings, you asked for exciting news, and I deliver!  I’m thrilled to announce that Shabby Apple, supplier of all things fabulous, is generously doing a giveaway through yours truly.

Lots of exciting, and more importantly cute, things are happening with Shabby Apples these days.  They are releasing several lines a year these days, their late-summer Berkshires line dropped a couple of weeks ago, and their Yosemite line is coming out soon.  They’ve got completely darling bridesmaids dresses, gorgeous retro-inspired swimwear, and even aprons!

Anyway you, my lovelies, get to reap the benefits.  Because one of you is going to win this fabulous dress from their Paris-inspired Oh la la collection, the green lawn L’Amour dress!

Isn’t it pretty?  Perfect for the end of summer, and with a cardi and some lovely boots you’re set up for the fall as well.  You can win this dress one of two ways:

  1. Comment on this post, and make sure to leave your email address so that I can get in touch with you to make sure you get your prezzie.
  2. For a second entry, visit Shabby Apple’s site (just click the button at the top of the page), browse through all their dressy goodness, and come back and comment again telling me which of their dresses, swimsuits, or accessories is your favorite.  Make sure to leave your email address again, just in case.  I don’t want you to miss out on this!
  3. Ooh, look.  I decided to give you a bonus!  If you post a link to this giveaway on your blog or Facebook page you get another entry.  Just comment again and post a link to your site/page.

Good luck, kittens!  Winner announced Thursday!

75 thoughts on “Well, I Promised!”

  1. Facebooked! Also, like I could possibly choose a favorite like EVER, but at the microsecond I’m really diggin the Granite Island Tank suit and the West Coast Swing.

  2. You are SO classy. You definitely picked the best dress of the bunch. And now I want it so badly, it hurts. Yes, I am like the people on the great and spacious building with their costly apparel. But, let me tell you, those Nephites never had Shabby Apple to tempt them.

  3. I’ve actually stuck to my work out goal of 20 minutes a day and I’m on week #8! I think that deserves a dress…especially a free one for a poor college student. =).

  4. While Micah pulled the tissues out of the box one and one and used them as parachutes off the bed, I looked around the Shabby Apple website a bit. =). I think most of them would look good on my friends (ahem), but the ones I would most likely actually buy for myself would be the Tuxedo IV, Tokyo Tea (just for fun), or Azure Coast (because that’s just always to be my style, apparently).

  5. This dress is lovely!

    I’m partial to the Bonheur dress from the Ooh La La line. And just about everything else that they have.

  6. Reasons why I deserve to win this dress: 1) I just graduated and should definitely celebrate in style. 2) Terry’s favorite color is green so he would be extra pleased. 3) This dress is Paris-inspired and as you know, my heart is still in Paris. 🙂 cbcutie6@gmail.com

  7. I just visited the website and I love the Tanglewood dress. Simple, but it’s hard to find a modest dress like this. Most are either sleeveless or too short. This one is just perfect.

  8. yay! I was seriously just going to order a dress from Shabby Apple last weekend, but there was a glitch (my fault) so I didn’t end up buying one! haha, good thing, maybe I’ll win!!


  9. The Ingrid dress is SUCH a win!

    Remember me! I need to look classy and fabulous in a dress that works well from the classroom to the restaurant to the club to the yacht of my secret lover who will have fallen in love with me because of that dress!

  10. Erm… I should win because I’m your bestie! j/k let’s hope fate likes me this week! And you already know my email address, so HA!

  11. Love the manager director dress in the skyscraper collection AND the chaps elysses in the ooh la la collection.

  12. Reasons I should win this dress:
    1. I am the Queen of France.
    There are several more reasons, but just look at number one!

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