For Your Saftey…

We are rather busy and terribly grumpy.  We are hiring nearly 30 people, firing about 20, and processing paperwork for all of them, along with giving all our 200 employees an individual raise.  Your complaints about not being able to buy more targets to vaporize in shooting practice, bafflement on how to use the fax machine, repeats of questions we’ve answered dozens of times, or excuses of why your work is late will not be acknowledged, much less tolerated.

Go away.

2 thoughts on “For Your Saftey…”

  1. I say start carrying Tazers. Then, all annoying individuals will approach your vicinity with great care and respect knowing that at any time you can reduce their cognitive functions to primordial ooze.

    Now I’m thinking I need to invest in one. Hmmmm.

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