When the Tres Leches Rose Up Against The People

“‘Tis pleasant purchasing our fellow-creatures; And all are to be sold, if you consider Their passions, and are dext’rous; some by features Are brought up, others by a warlike leader; Some by a place–as tend their years or natures; The most by ready cash–but all have prices, From crowns to kicks, according to their vices.”
– Lord Byron,
Don Juan canto V, st. 27

Holidays are fun, regardless of nationality.  Take today: Cindo de Mayo.  Some people celebrate with chips and salsa, some with a fiesta, some with mariachi bands.  And some with bribery.

A certain student is banned from driving on campus.  This is due in large part to him accumulating up to four tickets in one day, parking in service/handicapped stalls, trying to fight our student officers, and claiming that he never received information that three people all told him (at the same time, in the same room together).  He was informed he had the ability to appeal the ban but would not be able to bring his car onto campus until a final decision had been made.  He said he understood and left.

Pictured: the filthy tool of corruption!

Today he came into our office, and asked for Red.
“You know about Cinco de Mayo, right?” he asked.  “It’s today.  So I brought you this.”
He held out a small packaged piece of tres leches cake with a meaningful expression.
“K, bye” he said quickly and hurried out.

Five minutes later we found his car in a non-student parking lot.

The real mystery here is, if he were trying to circumvent parking rules, why did he draw attention to himself by 1) attempted bribery and, 2) (and this is more perplexing) leaving his emergency lights flashing merrily away for over an hour?

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?  Or any holiday for that matter?

18 thoughts on “When the Tres Leches Rose Up Against The People”

  1. I was hoping to celebrate by telling someone I was going to steal their tires and then steal their tires. Because that’s smart. And not obvious. Agch! The future of America!

  2. LOL I tried getting my ticket for $10 removed 😦 but no bribery. LOL Well hopefully he’ll get his act together and not rack up any more tickets. 🙂 I hope you’ll have mercy on him!

  3. The question is, was anyone brave enough to actually sample the cake?

    I personally would have brought him in for a mental health eval. The offender is obviously not all there.

    Come on! For a decent bribe, he should have brought Godiva!

  4. Margaritas and nachos- that’s what cinco de mayo has always been for me… :o)
    Well, at least he left you a gift- obviously he knew he was doing soemthing wrong…does not excuse the behaviour but at least shows he does have a conscience… :o)

  5. Do yourselves and this poor man a favor, and don’t allow him to take anymore courses until he undergoes a psych eval. In the meantime, do not, repeat, do NOT eat the cake!

  6. I’ve heard Cinco De Mayo isn’t celebrated in Mexico with the enthusiasm that it receives in the States. I think one positive about the USA celebrating it though is that it promotes the Mexican cultural heritage that the US has, and acknowledges how very much a part of American society, Mexican culture has influenced!

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