Girl. Friends.

“Today was a good day.”
– Ice Cube

Today Venice and I drove up to visit Marie in the hospital (currently residing there due to general unpleasantness of the pancreas).  We brought her a huge gift basket we made thanks to a major geek-out in Target where we bought anything pink, Liberty of London, or necessary to a fine lady incarcerated against her will that we could find.  After that we headed into the city.  We shopped J. Crew and Loft, scored major finds on the sale racks,  and ate a luxurious lunch (free drinks from the waiter!).  Afterwards I met up with J. at his parents house where he was studying for exams and fell asleep for two glorious hours on a comfy sofa.  

In other words, exactly what I needed. 

There's family you're born into, family you marry into and family you make. All are important. My Ladies Who Lunch friends (Venice, Marie, Peregrine, Ariosa, Margot, Angel, Fairy, GS, etc.) will someday be the surrogate Aunts of my children. Who will be awfully confused when they get a school assignment to make a family tree.

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