Feature Presentation

“The worst part about this sort of guy is that they marry girls exactly like themselves.”
“Yeah.  Then, they breed.  And there’s more of them.”
– Hennessy and C.

I’m thinking of starting a semi-regular piece: things she and I see around campus.  I think I’ll call it, Double Takes With Hennessy and C. 

Here’s our first offering, found on the doors of Humanities building (photo by H., by the way):

People who refer to themselves as "THE" anything should be shunned by polite society, and possibly forbidden to breed.

4 thoughts on “Feature Presentation”

  1. Oh I REALLY hope someone put that up as a prank. Can you imagine putting that up for real and thinking it was a good idea!?! Holy hell!

  2. I saw no fewer than three of those posted in various location throughout campus.
    That poor soul needs a classier sense of humor.

  3. What a sad, sad commentary on the level of desperation of pranks and/or people.

    There are soooo many other ways to make new friends. Obviously, this person and his friends are clueless.

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