The Quickest Weight Loss Trick Ever

“Come on, you heifer!  What does not kill us makes us hotter!”
-Legally Blonde, The Musical

3316_picture_of_a_wornout_woman_on_a_treadmillAfter two months out of commission, I am back at the gym with Venice.  And I mean it this time.  Why?  Because Ven has imposed the mother of all weight loss incentives: no shopping until we hit our target weights. 

This means no new cardies, boots, hats, tights, trousers, jackets, NOTHING.  And Fall is upon us, THE season for the best and cutest of clothes.  You want to see a pair of wannabe recessionistas whip it into shape?  Dangle their credit cards in front of them while they huff and puff on a treadmill.

5 thoughts on “The Quickest Weight Loss Trick Ever”

  1. My dear roomies and I have also started a similar incentive based shoppin-gym-hoppin routine. We get a dollar for each day we go to the gym. At the end of each month, we go shopping together and are able to spend the money we earned for ourselves. Fabulous.

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