Vegas, Baby!

“I’ve made a terrible mistake…”
-Gob Bluth

Small Dog says, "Don't, for heaven's sake, take everything so seriously!"
Small Dog says, "Don't, for heaven's sake, take everything so seriously!"

Kidding!  KIDDING!  Yikes, people, have a sense of humor.  No divorce yet, all is well!

The wedding was gorgeous!   Everything ran on time (miraculous) and the closest thing we had to a disaster was that one of my younger brothers’ tuxes was too short in the sleeves, the boy actually grew between when they measured him and when he arrived.  Puberty: a growing frenzy that largely passed me by (lengthwise speaking) but that still doesn’t look convenient from the outside, but I digress.  The day was crazy!
7am: Mama, bridesmaids, and C. to the salon
9am: at the ceremony venue
1030am: married, then pictures (even though my smiling muscles gave out well before we were done) until-
1pm: luncheon
3pm: wrap things up, decamp to reception center (after the usual lost clothes, keys, etc.) 
5pm: restyling, re-accessorizing, fixing hair, and squeezing back into dresses after a few glorious hours of oxygen on the part of the girls.  J. and Val (Venice’s husband and unofficial groomsman by the end of the day) played halo in the mens’ area
6pm: florists arrive, minor hiccups with flowers.  Resolution achieved with help of the bridesmaid Dream Team
7pm: reception starts
9pm: reception ends

It was a long day, but it really flew by for me at least!  And everything turned out gorgeous.  I’ll get pictures up soon, because towards the end I was going mostly on Tylenol and adrenaline so some of the details are fuzzy and I’d like a reminder. 

Photo basely and evilly stolen from Peregrine, pending official ones from photographer!
Photo basely and evilly stolen from Peregrine, pending official ones from photographer!

And let me recommend Marie, Venice, Peregrine, and Snickers as Bridesmaids Extrodinaire!  These girls should go into business, they’d be millionaires in no time!  Seriously, they ran the show.  I can’t say enough good things or thank them enough for turning a potentially harrowing day into a glamorous, seamless work of art.  And they did it looking absolutely splendid.  I’ve known professional hostesses with less than half these girls’ panache! 

By the way, going back to work after a week of family fun time, wedding, and honeymoon weekending…kind of sucks!  But it was such fun while it lasted.  We saw Cirque de Soleil’s KA and the Blue Man Group, both of which were amazing.  I’d never seen a Cirque show, and since I was dying to see one as well as BMG, we squeezed both in.  Incredible.  I’ve no idea how Cirque performers are able to do what they do, and as for the lads in blue platex…absolutely unique, never seen anything quite like it. 

Back in reality, we’re swamped in gifts that need opening, sorting, and thank you notes that need writing.  However we have a much nicer area to accomplish all this in because my parents painted our flat for us!  Loveliest surprise homecoming ever, I could have cried when I realized our walls no longer looked a bad whitewash job.

4 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!”

  1. I took more than I posted, if you want any I can email you higher resolution versions.

    And I’m glad we could help.

    And I’m also proud to say that althoug I was in SLC during the actual painting, I did consult on the color. Yay, I’m glad you love it!

  2. I saw the Blue Man Group when they came to SLC. It was really cool. (no way I could afford to go in Vegas!).
    Congrats! Sorry I couldn’t make it to the reception. I wanted to soooo bad! 🙂

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