Stupid People In Large Groups

“To summarize the summary of the summary, people are a problem.”
-Douglas Adams

Kiri used to have this up as her desktop background.  I used to think it was funny.  I now consider it a sad truth.
Kiri used to have this up as her desktop background. I used to think it was funny. I now consider it a sad truth.

I have again been smacked in the head with the realization that while in terms of skill and efficiency I am constantly getting better at my job, I may not be mentally cut out for it for one very important reason: I dislike silly, annoying, bad-decision-making people.  But what sort of people do you think we deal with at a police station, especially one on a university campus?!  Pranksters anxious to go down in campus legend, freshman drunk on the feeling of being away from home for the first time, crazy drivers, anxious students, stalkers, druggies, thieves, and occasionally the seriously out of touch.  And I mean seriously dangerously out of touch.  Basically, the sort of people that make me go quietly mad and bang my head the wall of futility that encompasses the entire human race (especially on a friday afternoon).  Dealing with these characters day in and day out is exhausting, even my hyperactive personality can’t sustain the level of intense vexation these individuals deserve!

Occasionally, though, when I’ve had a very trying day and that French Bakery is looking even more tempting than usual, there are moments of delight.  I got home from the gym the other night, absolutely dreading some of the stuff I had to do that evening, only to find J. doing the dishes and wiping down the kitchen.  He then helped me put together invitations for almost all of his friends before sending me to bed early.  Pure Bliss.

3 thoughts on “Stupid People In Large Groups”

  1. I’m 24 years into seeing what can come through a station. It never changes, or gets less amazing.

    I have two mantra’s that get me through:

    1) as long as those folks are stupid, I’ve got a job
    2) If they were smart, I’d have a hard job.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I have wondered before what that job was like for you; I know now. My adopted grandfather told me about the “Wit Theory.” You take two (young men who think they are) wits and put them together, but you do not use addition, you use multiplication. So two wits together are a half wit. It continues to get worse the more wits there are. That’s how I get through my day. 🙂

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