Moving On Up (so to speak)

“However did you get your couches in?  Doesn’t seem like there’d be enough room on the walkway.”
“Val and his friends lifted it over the railing.”
“Oh, very nice.  Man-ual labor.”
-C. and Venice

house_movingJ. and I enlisted Scotticus and my godbrother Bear today (many thanks, gentlemen) for the picking up, maneuvering, and dropping off of our sofa and loveseat today.  Huzzah, they’re in!  AND I got my landlord (who is probably heartily sick of me at this point, what will all my calls, questions, and obsequious permission asking) to give me the go ahead to paint.  Et voila, I have a major weekend project!  I’m probably biting off way more than I can chew, but that sort of thinking goes with the whole, “Let’s get married,” theme.

Mattress comes tomorrow, and I should be ready to start bringing stuff in this weekend.  And apart from the total lack of pots, pans, towels, tools, and various other things one get from registering for gifts (all of which are pretty necessary so living without them will be an adventure) I’ll be set. 

Mom approved the wedding invitations so basically I’m through planning this Carroll-esque caucus race!  Hurrah!

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