An Edict

April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go. 
-Christopher Morley

I have decided that winter is over.  There will be no future discussion on the matter, I have made my decision.

ist2_2962504-winter-sucksSo all this snow on the mountains?  Yeah, that has got to go.  And further shenanigans with the temperature will not be tolerated, none of this 60 degree weather one day and 20-something degree weather the next.  Icy sidewalks, parking lots, stairways, ramps, and surfaces in general are strictly verboten forthwith.  Boots are again to be considered a fashionable accessory and not a survival necessity, as are scarves, gloves, and hats.  Snow and hail must turn in their resignation, we have decided to move in a new direction, namely “spring showers.”  Sunshine will be mandatory at least four days a week, clouds are permissable if they are of the fluffy white, breezy, or slighly-gray-but-only-passing-through varieties.  Leaves must report for duty on trees immediately!  Repeat immediately!  Flowers to follow shortly thereafter.  Sweaters are to be of the lightweight sort, with an optional jacket, and not layers deep of heavy wool.  Thermometers will hover steadily between 70-85 degrees F.  An aura of general pleasantness and “springness” will pervade the air. 

Decreed this day by C., Empress of the Universe.  Hear that, universe?  I’m in charge and “We are not amused!”

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