Girl Behaving Badly

“A woman in love can’t be reasonable, or she probably wouldn’t be in love.”
-Mae West

I never thought love made you stupid.  Oh boy…read on.

So…sometimes I can overreact just a little (Shut up!  Stop sniggering at me!  This means you!) but in my defense it usually takes quite a combination of things to tip me over the edge.  Yesterday, after a long staff meeting, no food, and a lunch break spent getting told that my computer was worth more as scrap metal than getting fixed, my dad iced the irritation cake by sending me a book the subject of which is “marital relations: why it’s good to have them, and don’t feel bad because God approves” without any warning.  Wow…really not your business, Dad, but thanks for the…support?  Goodwill?  What is this exactly?!

I worked myself into a completely pointless rage, sent of a snappish email to my father which I instantly felt bad about (but it took Guilt and his hired guns Remorse and Self-Loathing another six hours to find me, work me over, and force me into apologizing), gnawed all my fabulous long nails off, and was moody the rest of the day.  Which only gave me a tension headache, so I don’t know why I did it. 

I've discovered drama.  It's inconvenient.
I've discovered drama. It's inconvenient.

But then I read my darling Margot’s dramatic rant againt the Universe (careful, the universe answers!) and felt a bit better about my own overreaction. 

I wasn’t nearly this much of a girl before I started dating J.  Really.  I promise.  Stop sniggering at me!  Anyway, maybe love has a weird effect on me, it doesn’t make me stupid so much as irritable; a fact that J. finds hilarious.  Which irritates me more.  Vicious cycle.

2 thoughts on “Girl Behaving Badly”

  1. Yeah, I learned a long time ago that the one thing that makes me more furious than anything else does is when someone says to me, “oh, you’re so cute when you’re mad.”

  2. At least he finds it hilarious as opposed to irritating. Irritation with irritability would not make for a happy time. I’ve sent off my fair share of those emails too… doesn’t usually work out too well. Hence, I’ve gotten into the habit of writing those emails and then stowing them away for nobody to read. That way, I’ve vented but not at the person, and everybody remains happy. As for addressing the issue to whomever it is that caused the letter-vent… sarcasm. Use it in a playful manner. You of all people rock at that. But man, it works so well.

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