Angst du Jour

“Oh…the irony…”

For my high school graduation/18th birthday/going to college present, my dad bought me a laptop.  My dad, wonderful man that he is, is always on the lookout for a good deal which is not necessarily a bad thing, but he often forgets his own favorite favorite saying, “You get what you pay for.” 

It's a love/hate relationship.
It's a love/hate relationship.

My laptop itself was new but also an already outdated model that was too big and, as it later turned out, one of a line famous for a glitch that caused overheating.  Somehow (by hanging the side off the edges of desks, keeping my window open in winter so cold air could blow on it, and buying multiple power cords when one after another was melted through) I managed to make it last for four years without crashes or data loss.  However it was too much to hope that it could limp on any longer.  I got all my music, pictures, data, and important work off of it and retired the poor thing to my closet. 

My parents just got a new computer and decided to send me the old one, also a dinosaur but still very appreciated for its lack of battery incinerating habits.  Sadly a couple of days ago, without warning, it simply turned itself off for no readily apparent reason and has since refused to turn back on.

At the time my reaction was a near heart attack and much, “My music!  My photos!  My writings!  Angst, angst, angst!   Why me?”   You know, the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth routine.  I’ve since accepted it and made appointments to have it looked at and begun silent prayers to the computer gods to be merciful. 

PS – did you know there’s a patron saint of computers, program, users and the Internet?  Found him when Googling “computer problems.”  For some reason they picked a guy who died in the 7th century AD; I for one fail to see the connection.

5 thoughts on “Angst du Jour”

  1. Oh, Osratio! Random when you discover who’s reading your blog. I have good news for you, my computer randomly shut off a few weeks ago and refused to turn back on. However, it just needed it’s operating system reinstalled. A hassle, but all my stuff was restored to it’s former glory. Best of luck to you and yours…computer that is.

  2. Sounds like it might be a monitor problem, but who knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting your info off won’t be too big of a deal. Saving the computer on the other hand… Well, yeah, good luck with that.

  3. At the risk of only adding to the confusion, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the symptoms as I understand them indicate neither a monitor problem nor an operating system problem, but a power-block problem.

    I have every confidence that your music, photos, and writings are recoverable, and stand ready to offer you whatever assistance you may require.

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