To Catch a Thief

“They said they were just doing it for fun.”
“To the tune of Grand Theft Auto?  What is this, a video game?!”
-Detective South and C.

Law enforcement, even from a secretarial standpoint, is pretty interesting.  I’d never make a career out of it, but I’m getting a lot of fun info on people that I’ll hopefully be able to turn into good writing one day.  But some of the stuff we deal with is stranger than fiction, no one could make this stuff up!


That big case that the detectives cracked?  Turns out a bunch of college freshman went on a burglary spree that eventually culminated in finding dropped keys taking the car, and using it for a week before dumping.  It only took one tip and somehow the detectives managed to unravel it all, high five, guys.  But, heck, these kids weren’t even born in the same decade as me! 

Another robbery occurred yesterday in the campus library.  Thanks to a description by the victim, we found the stolen item listed for sale on Craigslist, matched the seller info to Facebook  (of all things!) where he was handily wearing the exact same clothes in half of his online photos as in the security footage, and voila! 

Oh, and who gets to do all the paperwork for these sorts of things (all criminal counts for our friends the car thieves that all have to be recorded, filed, copied, put into correct format, and hand delivered to the county attorneys)?  Your friendly neighborhood secretary, C.!

Hopefully since they managed to solve almost every theft case from the end of last year in one feel swoop, I’ll be able to get some of the more mundane work done that I haven’t for a couple weeks.  Office supplies must be ordered, stats must be entered, letters must be written.  Obviously I get to do all the fun stuff around here…

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