Just Another Manic…Tuesday

“Is it just me, or does lying in a hammock on a beach while sipping down a virgin strawberry daiquiri sound really good right about now?!”

Small Dog is a little under the weather...
Small Dog is a little under the weather...

Some people loathe Mondays with a passion, I am not one of them.  My anger is reserved for Tuesdays.  This is because even though you’ve survived the first day of a week…you’re still stuck at the beginning of it.  Today is proving no exception.  Six days into the new year, I’m happy to report my goal is still holding up (which comparatively to years past is pretty good) and I’m still getting up earlier and eating breakfast.  The downside?  No amount of good intention or resolution stands up against the twisted machinations of the universe.  I was up, showered, made up, coiffed, and fed by 7:30 so I could head out to work a bit earlier and beat the almost knee deep snow in my parking lot.  Trouble was, my keys went missing. 

Along with Tuesdays I am plauged by missing keys.  Freshman year I kept my roomates in a state of constant irritation as every morning I inevitably turned our dormroom upside down in a frantic search for them.  This morning my entire flat fell prey to my ravages.   

So, couple missing keys with bad weather to make me a half hour late to work, toss in a power outage that knocked out our office for several minutes (to boost hope of our being sent home early, only to have it wrenched cruelly away when the lights flickered on again), and a bad hair day…not even my new leopard print shoes can bring me joy.  And it is a bleak day indeed when shoes can’t makes my spirits soar!

7 thoughts on “Just Another Manic…Tuesday”

  1. I couldn’t sympathize more. I’m soaking wet, cold, and feel like I have a mane rather than hair. And, for the record, after breaking down completely last night (and I mean balling- I wasn’t even at my own home when I did it!!!) I woke up slightly stuffy, tired, puffy-eyed, and draggy. After breakfast and cookies (that was a marked improvement), I proceeded to shower, do my hair (nice curls, BTW) and put on makeup to counter the effects of last night. Within 5 minutes of being outside, all was undone. I am now frizzled, cold, wet, and just wanting to go home!

  2. Hm. I’d like to be on a hammock at the beach as is evident by my having worn shorts and sandals to drumline practice today… I’m thinking of wearing said attire to school tomorrow (despite having a cold)… really, it didn’t seem to have any affect on my warmth and comfort. And my feet warm up faster when I get inside because they’re not touching wet socks…

    Anyway, I like how in your previous post you “put cynicism on the table” and got all optimistic on me, then in this post, life is cruel because the electricity came back on, your keys went missing, and your shoes had no motivational power over you. (haha, does anyone else hear the gears grinding in the transmission? haha jk) Chin up, C. Tomorrow’s Wednesday!

    1. Haha! Just the vicissitudes of life at work, my dear. Most people don’t realize it’s possible to be frustrated, annoyed, or just plain mad and still be a happy person at the same time.

  3. how can leopard print shoes not make you feel better?? i completely agree with you about tuesdays; and i love thursdays better than fridays. i completely had my hopes up too with the power outage. huh. sad. when can you do lunch? i want to hear about england and be jealous.

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