Needles or Natural?

“It’s a completely natural, wonderful experience.”
(Eyebrow rises)  “Really.  Because my brother snapped my mother’s pelvis in half, and nothing about that experience sounds natural to me.”
– Red and C.

Tink has brought forth a firstborn son!  Pardon the blasphemous pun, but it is Christmas.  Seriously, though, Maybe Driver has shed the “maybe” and is now just Driver, the name apparently fit the face so his proud parents didn’t have to change it.

Did I mention that I'm very grateful to live in the modern age?
Did I mention that I'm very grateful to live in the modern age?

On a related note, Tink was apparently made to have babies!  She wasn’t ill her entire pregnancy, never had bad skin or water retention (unless you count having to pee every five minutes), and her stomach was so small that even in the ninth month I could have sworn she was either lying about her time or that her foetus was bear hugging her spine to avoid notice.  I got a text from her at 9pm on Saturday night announcing the blessed event had kicked off, and he was born at 1am Sunday morning after only four pushes.  Vile.  Simply vile.  Also extremely unfair.

High five, Tink!  You’re pretty much amazing!

8 thoughts on “Needles or Natural?”

  1. In the sense that I have a uterus, yes. In the sense that I have no desire to spawn as well as a messed up skeleton that would make it dangerous, no. Plus, can you imagine little mini-me’s scampering about the place? Terrifying! No man in his right mind would want to go halves on that!

  2. Hm. I’ve never given birth. I took a soccer ball to the crotch a few times though. Oh, and a baseball, and my brother’s foot several times, and a few hockey pucks… Frankly, I’m startin’ to wonder if I’m even gonna get to try having kids!!!

  3. Oh, don’t worry. Revenge will come. The death stare to Senor Cakes will be as nothing. But right now I’m far to busy and important to respond to half of the asinine things you say, my dearest. 😉

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