While You Were Glued to CNN (yeah, yeah, we were too…)

So, as you may have noticed, life goes on despite politics.  This past week has been pretty eventful;  Halloween happened, which means that the Christmas decorations, indifferent to the calendar, decency, and the existence of another holiday ‘twixt now  and then, have exploded into view.  The temperature has plummeted, people are plotting Christmas presents, and with the approaching holidays life gets exponentially weirder.  Don’t ask me to explain this phenomenon, I can’t.

“(gasp) Christian Bale!”
-Angel and Margot upon seeing our delectable waiter

Every once in a while I’ll stumble into something truly fabulous by glorious accident.  This week’s find was thanks to my friend Margot, indispensable to my happiness since Angel first introduced us.  She suggested we meet for drinks at the trendy new restaurant and lounge that recently opened in our little college town’s “downtown,” Spark.  A-mazing.  It’s a little taste of Manhattan or L.A. for anyone trying to up the level of chic and trendy in their lives.  Chef Viet Pham has created foods that aren’t just fun to eat, they’re fun to look at too!  Don’t believe me?  Try the cream of hazelnut soup made from slow-cooked apples,cinnamon tapioca pearls, hazelnut brittle, or another ice cream desert inspired by breakfast.


Much needed class and sass!  We met up for late drinks and dove into their beverage menu with gusto.  If I may offer a humble recommendation, try the Peartini: sugar and cinnamon crusted rim, and a pear “olive” in the glass.  Happiness comes in liquid form, my friends!  And yes, there is a Christian Bale look-alike waiter if the food isn’t blissful enough.

Is this too awkward for our friendship?”
“Friends are for pinning on bunny tails, m’dear.”
-Tink and C.

Yes, Halloween!  Our office decked out for the holiday with Civil War soldiers, pirate wenches, and others.  Two personal favorites were TL who dressed all in pink and put a large “Hello my name is FLOYD” badge on her chest, and Tink (eight months pregnant) came as a knocked up bunny.  I said she served as a warning to those wanting a career as Playboy Bunnies.  You know, hazards of the job.

"You can serve as a warning to all girls wanting to be Playboy Bunnies!  You know, hazards of the job!" -C.

Also went to the obligatory Halloween party, lending out my Marie Antoinette Dress to my best friend Venice in favor of teaming up with J. to go as Bond and a Bond Girl.  Venice takes the cake for her hairstyle, better believe she stuffed plastic bags up in that thing to get it to 18th century heights!  We put enough hairspray in that thing to count as cement, it’s a miracle she ever got it out.

Notorious women and bad lighting
Notorious women and bad lighting
Shaken, not stirred.  I was going for Vesper Lynd...not sure what I ended up with...
Shaken, not stirred. I was going for Vesper Lynd…not sure what I ended up with…

I need some new uniform pants.”
“Did you lose yours?”
“No…one of my co-workers stole them…”
“Stole them.”
“Well, I lent them to her and then she vanished and no one knows what happened, and–”
“You need new pants.  Got it.  No questions asked.”
-Student Library Security Guard and C.

Working with police means that you deal with more weirdness daily per capita than most other jobs, but even so there are instances of the bizarre that leaves one scratching one’s head.  Such as the above quoted incident.  Also, we had a near death experience today.

Well, not really.


Okay, so no one was even hurt, but they could have been!


The facts were these…at 2:42 p.m. Officer Post leaped from his desk, gestured wildly at the door, and ran out giggling madly.  Turns out that incompetent grounds people charged with the removal of problematic trees outside our office applied both physics and common sense poorly and managed to drop the thing right in front of our door.  Narrowly avoiding glass, but still crushing twisting the metal railing.  And you should see the people we get to arrest!

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