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“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”
― Francis Bacon

Another massive week at work, a bunch of freelance pitches sent off, another couple of potential media opportunities on the horizon I want to explore…capped off with a somewhat lazy weekend. Jeff is getting over a bad cold he’s been dealing with for two weeks and I’m battling not to catch it from him. Consequently, not nearly enough housework gets done.

In the meantime, more SDS writing is heading your way soon, just working out some new editorial calendars and topics, aren’t you lucky! Here are your links, tell me what you got up to this week.

2016-01-31 15.31.01 HDR

Save the banana!

Not enough counseling in the world, I fear.

When I marvel that medieval or ancient things are rediscovered after being lost…I sometimes have to remember the alternative. (h/t Xarissa)

Slay, queen.

Almost too darn pretty to be real.

Who really drives the luxury market?

Thoughts on the future of Twitter.


Take that, stereotypes. I do morbidly like the idea, though, that more wars may have been fought because non-reigning royal spouses needed something to do, bless them.

I have learned this week that there is an entire subsection of architecture built around rage and revenge. How on earth did I not know this?! This is, if you’ll forgive the pun, right up my alley!

You know what they say about big hair

As an owner of a RBF, this appealed.

Pal and Friend of the Blog Andrea from This New View suddenly moved to China a couple of months ago. Luckily for all and sundry, she’s writing about it!

Emails With Friends: Marital Counseling

“I had an argument with a friend who claimed Henry “didn’t behead THAT many” of his wives (which…lol?) by claiming Cromwell was a proxy Anne of Cleves, and I stand by that assertion.”
“…How many wives does it have to be before it becomes problematic…?”
– Katarina and C.

Weekend Links

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”
― Alain de Botton

It can be awfully frightening (or at least obnoxious) to look up and realise that the first month of the year is essentially gone. The grown ups were right all along, kittens, time does speed up as you get older! Meanwhile I’ve not gotten around to a lot of good things I wanted to focus on this January, up to an including writing more. Oops.

However, I’m making some positive steps in that direction. My freelance bug, long dormant due to regular job commitments, has bitten again, and I’m putting together some pitches for a site I really love and am hoping to write for. I’ve also had a couple of interesting meetings where freelance options presented themselves completely out of the blue that I’d like to explore. And, probably more relevant to you, ducklings, I’m going to get my rear in gear and make blogging a priority for myself again because I enjoy it, I miss it, and it’s good practice when I’m not able to do freelance work–such as the entirety of 2015, apparently.

So keep an eye out here and hold me to my noble intentions. Here are you links for this weekend, and let me know what you’ve been getting up to in the comments!

I'm also making brunch dates with my husband a priority. For obvious reasons.

I’m also making brunch dates with my husband more of a priority. For obvious reasons.

I know genuinely cool people. One was recently interviewed on The Lifestyle Edit and has good things to say about freelancing, supporting, and finding your own career path.

Musings on a muse.

Frazier’s apartment! (And if you aren’t singing “tossed salad and scrambled eggs,” to yourself under your breath, I cannot help you.)

The evolution of the London fashion business.

Speaking of, Alexa Chung’s Future of Fashion series from British Vogue is back and I really loved the story from episode one about the 32 year old intern. Food for thought!

Damn it, humans

Damn it, Star Wars marketing team.

Hugely behind this. Also, did it first. Er, besides JFK apparently?

London archaeological finds!

An interesting and thought provoking piece on guns and American masculinity that gave me a lot to chew on and presented a point of view that, though I do not agree with, I can potentially see in a more sympathetic light. Society has always had disenfranchised members, but we’re in a period in Western culture where a lot of the previous norms of power/lack thereof are either being challenged or dismantled. I think this is a good thing (looking at you, patriarchy)…but what does it mean for those who were the top dogs but are no more? What does that do to a mindset and a personality of an individual, and what does it do to a group en masse? Is the violence we see in America in particular just a massively overdeveloped flight or fight response? Interested to hear your thoughts in the comments on this one, kittens.

Weekend Links

“In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro.”
― Thomas à Kempis

This was a weekend for doing next to nothing and how we enjoyed it. And how we are missing it!

Here are you links, catch me up on your gossip, kittens.

2015-12-29 15.04.06

Food for thought. London has a very large Muslim population and the hijab in all it’s forms is an every day sight. Living here has really allowed me to engage with (and reject a lot of) preconceived notions I had about how veiled women are perceived and how they perceive themselves. Last year I was invited to take tea with a sheikha who is apparently writing a book, supervising her children’s university educations, and managing a wealth portfolio (I was handing over keys to one of her purchases). On hour with that woman was an education!

This house…I want it…

Goodness. I’ll stick with marketing, thanks.

Costumes from leading shows and how they came about.

Emma Thompson’s tribute to Alan Rickman.

RadioWest had a very good program about the Bundy stand off in Oregon and how the language and a great deal of the thinking behind it intersects with many of the leaders’ mormonism. After interviewing a member of the “militia,” they speak with a scholar and journalist on the subject and many of the comments are insightful. However, it’s the call taken on the air that really gave me pause…

In related news, sobering.

Hitting this up this weekend!

Excellent skill to have, and one I’m trying to get better at.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration.

…or in need of a slight readjustment.

Weekend Links (on Monday)

“Don’t believe anything you read on the net. Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.”
― Douglas Adams

Yes, yes, you correctly surmise that the links are late. Because my first week back from holiday was so badly managed that I spent Saturday comatose or lying on the bathroom floor due to nausea (or worse). Migraines are no joke, kittens, practice self care better than your negligent Aunt C.

Hilariously one of my non-resolutions was to get back into proper blogging but this far I’m making a hash of it. Bear with me while work evens out and I’ll rise to the surface again in no time. Here are your links, share more good things you’ve found this year so far in the comments!

2015-12-21 15.23.37-1

Snort laugh.

How are those New Year Resolutions coming along?

Why thank you, don’t mind if I do!

I spent several mesmerizing minutes watching these short vids from Chanel showing some of the beautiful work the members of the atelier do in creating the haute couture designs.

This week in Mormon news, armed takeovers of government buildings! Organise 100% peaceful and non-disruptive events promoting women’s ordination and, you’ll be excommunicated, wholly cut off from salvation according to the faithful. But seize a government facility, notable supporters armed and claiming inspiration based on the church’s teachings and/or scripture, and you’ll be “strongly condemn[ed]” on the official news site, by golly. I’m withholding further snark until this pans out more, but at the moment I find it irritating, depressing, and frightening.

[Added later] Far more relevant thoughts than my own on the Bundy case regarding the difference race and religion make to this scenario in this country.

[Added yet later] Well fine, I think I’m just going to keep posting links on this all week. Twitter responds with it’s usual mix of poetic and profane. A few days in and I’m still irritated, but I’m also increasingly baffled.

[Later still…] Seriously. Send snacks? Using a mail system run by…the government you are protesting? Back to your regularly scheduled links, kittens, this is past cray cray.

Xarissa alerted me to the fact that this exists and now I’m counting down the days.

Fantastic interview and the idea of tenacity at work is something I’ve been meditating on lately.

Get educated.

Haute couture meets the hijab and the results are pretty fab. They are also an interesting commentary on the strange ways cultures and wealth intersect the the globalized age.

And finally, something pretty to try, to cleanse yourself of reading the internet too much this week.

Weekend Links (New Years Edition)

“As life goes on it becomes tiring to keep up the character you invented for yourself, and so you relapse into individuality and become more like yourself everyday.”
― Agatha Christie, An Autobiography

By the time this goes live I’ll be in the country ringing in the New Year at a friend’s country estate. Not a word of that is exaggeration, kittens, and believe me I’m just as baffled as you as to how these things happen. I’m just grateful that they do. However, it must be said, that if no one is murdered (as I believe is customary for house parties in the country), I will consider the BBC and a large part of my childhood reading to be nothing but a bastion of lies.

Happy New Year, ducklings. It’s been a hell of a ride in 2015 and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where 2016 takes us. See you on the other side!

2015-12-23 16.34.01-1

Well that’s just positively heartwarming!

I finished the novel Girl Waits With Gun in one sitting (highly recommend), and was delighted to read more about the historical, true story and aftermath. The author’s website has more photos, plus slightly less inflammatory headlines–modern ones at least.

The Royal Ballet’s Nutcracker in 360!

I’m a bit in awe of this woman’s lifestyle.

National Geographic‘s photo competition entry shots are a delightful way to inject some wonder into your day.

Anglo Saxon London, quite a bit roomier than these days.

How US-based brands sell abroad.

And speaking of Refinery29, I’ve recently discovered they have some genuinely smashing YouTube series that are well worth checking out. The stories I have really enjoyed lately are the Style Out There series which looks at how people and places create unique fashion and lifestyle ideas. Start with this one on Tangiers and help me plan a vacation there immediately, and then check out this one on two Orthodox Jewish fashion designers.

A piece I enjoyed and which made me think a great deal about how changes in society influence changes in our storytelling. And vice versa.